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Concha Velasco’s son confesses his mother’s “three wishes” before dying

The actress Concha Velasco He died at the age of 84 at the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda, in Madrid. This has been confirmed by his children. Velasco became a reference for interpretation in Spain and today the country mourns his death.

“The affection is absolutely overwhelming. My family and I are very, very grateful to Spain as a country that has gone out of its way to support us and tell us how much they loved their Conchita,” said his son. Manuel Martínez Velasco on Antena 3 News.

Concha Velasco suffered a lymphatic cancer in 2014 and in March 2022 his son announced that he was admitted to a residence so that it was attended to 24 hours a day. “It was a battle that cost us a bit,” recalls Manuel.

“They have been two years that my brother and I will always keep in our hearts”

“She was doing a show, ‘Mary’s Room’, what happened was that she was diagnosed with an illness that unfortunately took her today and They have been two very complicated years because she missed her job, but she has been very well cared for and surrounded by love,” she explained.

Velasco was a reference in the country and participated in films of various genres and stood out for his musical performances such as in ‘Historias de la television’, whose soundtrack included the song ‘The ye-ye girl‘, which would remain associated with his figure.

“I think my mother wanted to be loved. She was a very loving person who sought love by giving love. My mother wanted to be loved and whenever a performance ended, whether it was a drama, a comedy or a musical, he stayed talking to the audience,” recalls Manuel Martínez about his mother.

“My mother pursued the unattainable dream of being loved by everyone and I think she achieved it because Concha Velasco is a woman loved by everyone,” he added.

The “three wishes” of Concha Velasco

Concha Velasco began her career in cinema at the age of 16 and, since then, she took over cinema, theater and television until September 15, 2021 when she permanently retired from the stage. But the actress always had “three wishes” that her son has remembered.

Marrying Sean Connery, marrying Harrison Ford, then marrying Russell Crowe. They were her last three crushes and, as a teenager, she had posters in her room. “These were her dreams,” she concluded.

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