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“Completely messed up”: Lera Kudryavtseva is afraid for the future of her 4-year-old daughter

The TV presenter does not hide the fact that she is very concerned about the latest trends in the world. She wants to protect the heir from what is happening as much as possible.

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Lera Kudryavtseva, the 51-year-old host of the Secret for a Million program on NTV, has exploded in a furious tirade against the American creators of the legendary Barbie. The blonde’s indignation was caused by the fact that a toy in the shape of a pregnant Ken recently arrived on store shelves. Discussing what happened, Kudryavtseva did not hold back her emotions. Recently falling on the carpet the celebrity admitted that she is very worried about the fate of 4-year-old daughter Masha, who will grow up in our crazy world.

“Well, I don’t want to swear anymore, but Ken pregnant! Mom, what’s going on! Well, they really fucked up, or what. Just bleeding from the eyes. I really don’t want my daughter, who is now four, to see such dolls. Ugh, forgive me Lord. You are my tolerant “, wrote Lera in her Telegram channel.

Netizens reacted ambiguously to the attack of the TV presenter. Many pointed out that she herself, as they say, has a stigma in a cannon. “And who played a stormy romance with Seryozha Lazarev? Who are they all aware of? Didn’t they ask him how he feels about a Barbie like that? “,” And this is written by a person who every day pours slime into the ears of the public from television screens “,” As far as I understand, there are no other problems in the Russian Federation and in the world “,” There are no more in the Russian supply. Why this hysteria? – the commentators are perplexed.

However, there were also those who fully supported Kudryavtseva. “Yes, the darkness is simple, what is happening to this world?”, “It went beyond reasonable limits”, “I can’t imagine people who like this”, “Just an abomination”, say Kudryavtseva fans .

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