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Commemorating World AIDS Day, Bandung City is Free of AIDS Epidemic in 2030

In order to commemorate World AIDS Day, the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) together with other stakeholders are consolidating to reduce the transmission rate. Including improving the quality of care for PLWHA (People with HIV AIDS).

“The quality of care for PLWHA needs to be improved, especially the availability of ARV drugs which are very much needed. How can drugs be always available and more importantly, accessible to PLWHA,” said Acting (Plt.) Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana at the World AIDS Day Commemoration event at the Bandung City level, at the Pacific Hotel, Wednesday (22 December 2021).

Plt. The mayor said that so that PLWHA can live a quality life, they need to get better care. Mental and physical health must be maintained well so that they remain productive.

“The strategy must be held consistently. Because this is a national policy line and Indonesia has a target that 2030 is free from the AIDS epidemic. That means that it includes the city of Bandung, where cases of HIV/AIDS need to be handled,” he explained.

Even though this is the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Plt. The mayor explained that the government’s efforts with stakeholders to end the AIDS epidemic are continuing.

“Don’t let this stop, it’s still a dangerous disease for us and our families,” he said.

“Continue to make efforts for PLWHA not to interrupt their ARF treatment, if they stop the potential for transmission. Our target is to continue to collect data so that we know how many PLWHA we have to deal with,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Head of the Bandung City AIDS Community Forum (WPA), Yunimar said that the series of activities to commemorate AIDS day were filled with various activities. These include regional development, stakeholder meetings and AIDS Creative Content.

“Thank you to the head of the sub-district TP PKK as well as the head of the sub-district WPA who have contributed to the success of it,” he said.

In the same place, the Head of the Committee for Commemorating World AIDS Day at the Bandung City Level, Asep Gufron said that the peak activity carried out by the Bandung City KPA and the Bandung City AIDS Concerned Citizens Forum was in collaboration with various parties.

A series of activities were carried out to commemorate World AIDS Day, such as training for AIDS youth cadres, WPA District Forum Workshops, Stakeholder Coordination Meetings and other activities.

“This is a synergy of HIV/AIDS prevention programs as well as various other activities to solve this epidemic,” he said.

In this activity, the signing of cooperation between the Bandung City Government (Pemkot) and academic elements was also carried out. With the association of Indonesian midwives in Bandung City, the high school of midwifery is involved in the mother-to-child HIV prevention program.

Head of Protocol and Communications for the Regional Secretariat of Bandung City

Sony Teguh Prasatya

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