Come and discover the complete specifications of Yamanto’s Economic, Super Complete and Very Sophisticated Smart TVs!

URBAN BEKASI – Product Smart TVs continues to show its existence in the Indonesian television world, one of which is the brand Yamanto.

Despite the brand Yamanto product still sounds foreign to the public ear Smart TVsbut the quality of these products is not necessarily low.

Yamanto has managed to become a Smart TV brand that can provide great services and various features even though the price is quite low.

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Hunting Smart TVs with various qualities, it is currently being intensively made by TV lovers in Indonesia.

This is not without reason, considering the government’s recommendation to the public to enjoy digital broadcasts immediately.

The migration from analog broadcasting to digital broadcasting is indeed a special concern for the government, especially from Kominfo’s side.

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Also on November 2, 2022 at 24.00 WIB the closure or cessation of analogue broadcasts was officially carried out.

Starting with the Jabodetabek area, where people are forced to switch immediately to clearer, higher-quality digital broadcasts.

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