Column: Cafay break # 469: A demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Chronic Cafay break # 469: A demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Happy New Year everyone ! Well, I’m not doing it in the original for this first Cafay Break of 2020, but what do you want, tradition is tradition. So we hope that these 365 days will be as happy as possible for gaming, we face the news with the Cafay Break.

The bug of the year 2020 for WWE 2K20

The transition to the new decade did not go well for everyone! WWE 2K20, the latest addition to the famous wrestling license, has indeed planted itself from the first moments of 2020. It was simply impossible to launch certain game modes, such as online matches or career mode. Instead, the players had the pleasure of discovering a sober error message. But 2K Games, the title publisher, was quick to fix the problem. You will need to download the latest game update to be able to indulge in the joys of wrestling again. Obviously, the problem is related to the date 2020 in itself, since resetting the console year a year backwards corrected the bug. In any case, the news does not improve the business of 2K20, released last November and riddled with bugs: admire the grace of these bodybuilded fighters and their fighting ability. It remains only to hope that 2K21 raises the bar.

Xbox Series X more powerful than PS5?

You know, 2020 will be the year of the next-gen, and what could be better to start off in style than rumors about the next machines? Indeed, if we believe the Eurogamer site, the Xbox Series X will ship a more powerful processor than the PS5 : there would be 12 teraflops on the side of Microsoft against only 9.2 on the side of Sony. Be careful however: the teraflop remains a unit of measurement for power and there is nothing to confirm that there will be a significant visual gap between the PS5 and the Series X, especially concerning multiplatform games. Beyond that, this information remains rumors: Eurogamer claims, however, to have seen documents from AMD, the components of which will equip the two machines. The site would also have carefully cross-checked these sources, but hey, that’s rumor, so we take tweezers. In any case, it won’t be long before you get the answers: both the Xbox Series X and the PS5 are scheduled for Christmas 2020.

The FFVII Remake demo is surfacing!

Finally, a game that is no longer rumored: Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Recently, clever little ones managed to grab the demo of the game, most likely uploaded by Square Enix in error. Our colleagues from Kotaku are reporting the case: the very existence of this trial version is information in itself, since it was not even announced by Square. But its content does not offer much new to put in the mouth, if not several clues that seem to confirm the presence of side quests. We thus find the famous intro of the game already seen several times and completely transformed by Unreal Engine 4. Obviously, the demo has no release date yet. We only know that if this is the version presented to the public, it will weigh almost 11 gigabytes. Recall that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be released on March 3, 2020 on PS4, and will remain exclusive to the Sony machine for a year. This will only be a first episode no more than the city of Midgar. But Square Enix promises a total reinterpretation of the original game, with new script elements.

Well I know, I keep talking about skateboarding: but if you want to know if Tony Hawk’s special tricks are feasible in real life, check out Jonny Giger’s channel. And see you soon for a next Cafay Break!

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