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Colombian Actress Martha Isabel Bolaños Clashes with Colleagues on ‘The House of the Famous’ – Drama Unfolds (Canal RCN)

The Colombian actress was angry at the attitude of her colleagues against her – credit courtesy/ Canal RCN

The Colombian actress Martha Isabel Bolaños has had a bitter time inside The House of the Famous due to her conflicts with her colleagues, because they say that they do not tolerate the attitude of the Cali woman.

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The confrontation occurred during a ‘face to face’ dynamic, where the contestants had to tell the truth in front of the person with whom they had had a difficulty and, in the process, they voted to choose the nominee.

During the activity, the actress known as ‘la Pupuchurra’ had several controversies with celebrities, among them, Ómar Murillo, Sandra Muñoz, Ornella Sierra and Diana Ángel, a situation that upset the Colombian.

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The Colombian who participated in the successful novel Yo soy Betty, la fea spoke privately with her teammate Cielo Mafe Walker, who also fell into the comments of the Infierno team, about the strong words that the contestants said to her. “What is it about me that shocks you so much, if I haven’t messed with anyone (…) But what is it that shocks you,” the actress questioned her roommate, with whom she was seeking to vent. in that difficult moment.

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Martha Isabel Bolaños expressed her disagreement with celebrities who judge them without knowing her: “If I have a shell, how does it affect them? If that were the case, I still feel transparent about how my hardness affects them because they don’t ask themselves: why is she so hard or so strong that made her so strong in life,” she added.

The former participant of the reality show Masterchef revealed that she decided to enter the competition with a purpose and did not imagine that she would have several conflicts with her colleagues. “I told God right now I came here with the purpose of staying four months, I left everything ready for four months convinced that it was going to go well for me or that it was going to go well for me, but the pressure of everyone coming to me to say that everything is wrong with me, well not everyone, not you, that is, the other team’s teams basically, that everything is wrong with me, everything is wrong and to come and say that I have to change or to check me.

The Colombian asked her teammates to give her a break from the negative comments: “It could be that I am in denial protection, but I don’t see it, of course we all obviously have things to improve, but give me a break.”

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