Collapsed biathlete Tandrevold leaves China

The 25-year-old will leave the country at the next opportunity and will miss Norway’s favorite world champion relay team in the Olympic race in Zhangjiakou. “I’m very sorry, my heart is broken,” said Tandrevold.

In the competition on Sunday they had lost their strength shortly before the end, Tandrevold collapsed at the finish and had to be treated. “It was one of my best days until it suddenly became the worst,” said Tandrevold. She was in third place with the bronze medal in her sights until she couldn’t do it anymore.

“I knew it was bad news for Ingrid. But sometimes you have to make such decisions to protect the athlete’s health,” said team doctor Lars Kolsrud. Tandrevold had had similar problems in the past as now with the freezing cold in the mountains in north-west Beijing.

The three-time relay world champion was actually planned for Norway’s team. Now she is being replaced by Karoline Knotten, who is contesting the relay together with three-time Olympic champion Marte Olsbu Röiseland, Tiril Eckhoff and Ida Lien.

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