Cold or Hot Compress for Injury? Read the following explanation first

TEMPO.CO, JakartaInjury or pain relief hot or cold compresses have become an old tradition. This method can help control pain, inflammation, swelling, and stiffness in the area of ​​pain and injury.

Pada dasarnya, penggunaan kompres panas digunakan untuk nyeri dan kekakuan otot kronis. Sementara kompres dingin untuk peradangan dan pembengkakan. Akan tetapi, dokter dapat meresepkan kombinasi dari dua terapi tergantung pada cedera. Melansir dari Times of India, berikut jenis dan waktu harus menggunakannya.

Terapi panas (Termoterapi)
Terapi ini idealnya digunakan pada nyeri kronis, nyeri sendi, dan kekakuan. Cara yang disarankan adalah mandi air panas sebelum melakukan kegiatan fisik apapun karena dapat melemaskan otot.

Terapi panas tidak boleh diterapkan pada luka akut dengan peradangan yang disebabkan pendarahan di jaringan. Membiarkan panas ke daerah yang terluka akan meningkatkan aliran darah sehingga memperburuk situasi. Oleh sebab itu, terapi panas harus diterapkan dalam situasi berikut:
-Otot tertarik
-Iritasi kronis dan kekakuan pada tendon.
-Pemanasan otot atau jaringan yang kaku sebelum beraktivitas.
-Menghilangkan rasa sakit jika terjadi cedera leher atau punggung, termasuk punggung bagian bawah.

For its use, the temperature of the hot compress must be warm. There are various ways to apply a hot compress, including:
-Dry heat: Such as electric heating pads, hot water bottles and saunas. Dry heat can be applied for up to 8 hours.

– Moist heat: Such as hot towels, moist heating packs, or hot showers. It is more effective than dry heat and takes less time to show results.

Heat therapy can be used for a long period of time. It is recommended to use heat therapy for 15-20 minutes on minor wounds. Moderate to severe injuries require longer heat therapy, such as a warm bath. While for pregnant women and people with diabetes, dermatitis, vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, multiple sclerosis (MS) should consult a doctor before applying heat therapy because of the higher risk of burns and complications.

Cold Therapy (Cryotherapy)
This therapy is most effective within 48 hours of injury. This therapy treats swollen and inflamed joints or muscles, which should be applied in cases such as:

-New injury
-Irritation of the tendons after activity

There are various ways to apply a cold compress to the injured area, including:
-Cryotherapy products: These include products such as ice packs, cooling sprays, and ice massagers.

-Cryo stretching: Use cold temperatures to reduce muscle spasms during stretching.

-Cryokinetics: This type of therapy combines cold treatment and active exercise. It is a useful tool in cases of ligament sprains.

-Ice bath: This is another form of cryotherapy.

For better results, apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the injured area several times a day. You should never apply ice for more than 20 minutes as it can damage nerves, skin and tissues.

People with heart disease should consult a doctor before applying compress cold. If cold therapy does not work within 48 hours, consult a doctor.

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