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There are solutions for the protection of our cars that we can adopt in a truly appropriate way even if at first glance they seem truly paradoxical, almost absurd, and a bit of a sort of provocation or fake news.

Yet, they are true: e they work. Yes: even if, in fact, they seem to be the result of mere inventions or almost urban legends, as they say in type. Like, for example, that of a note, very well-known drink.

In some ways, the best known e popular and spread to world. The Coca Cola. But what does Coca Cola have to do with cars? Well, this is precisely the bizarreness of a decidedly affair singular, but which, in fact, has its own ‘Why’.

Se listen and mechanical tell you to always carry one in your car coca cola but don’t drink it because in his opinion, in fact, the use you should possibly make of it is not linked to wanting to quench your thirst in the car, after all you have to believe him.

Yes, because as several mechanical specialists have demonstrated, in fact the Coca Cola, as well as being incredibly popular refrigerator spread throughout the world, it also has its own effectiveness at level mechanical.

Coca cola in the car: use it for the engine, but how?

If you don’t believe it, it’s possible try: bring one Coca Cola a edge, but don’t drink it. And then, at the right time, use it for the car and not ‘in’ the car. But in what sense? Use it as? What’s the point? That’s how. As many have demonstrated with videos that are viral online, Coca Cola has great potential.

To be able to loosen and unscrew the bolts the Coca Cola it is an absolutely effective solution. In fact, its properties linked to the possibility of fighting against it are known rust and many mechanics have been using it for a long time. That is, Coca Cola unscrews the wheel bolts, screws and even nuts of the car and not just the car.

Coca cola in the car, but don’t drink it, use it like that

How come they work in this sense Coke bottles? The reason is in the presence of the so-called phosphoric acid increases the storage of drinks but also has this potential which for some is unprecedented.

In truth, many experts not only in mechanics but in general all those who use nuts, screws and the like know that the technique works and that it can help quite a bit in various structural operations. And if you don’t believe it, you can really do a test: at most, you can do whatever you have left over always drink it.

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