Clove recipes for silky will be surprised by the results

Contain Cloves It contains a group of minerals, such as iron, sodium, calcium, manganese, in addition to vitamins A, C and K, among others. Cloves have many benefits, not only for the health of the body or skin, but also for hair. Learn about its benefits for hair:

What are the benefits of cloves for hair?

Benefits of cloves for hair

• reduce of Hair loss.
• It stimulates blood circulation to the scalp, which pumps it with oxygen, which stimulates hair to grow.
• It treats dandruff and relieves the itching associated with it, because it contains anti-inflammatories.
Reduces the spread of gray hair because it contains antioxidants.
• The oil extracted from cloves is a natural conditioner for hair.

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Recipes of cloves for hair

Recipes of cloves for hair
Recipes of cloves for hair

Hurry up to apply one of these recipes that contain cloves, whether as sticks or oil, to enjoy the look of healthy and shiny hair.

Cloves and rose water

• Mix two tablespoons of ground cloves with ½ cup of rose water, one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of castor oil.
• Spread the mixture on the hair and leave for hour.
Wash with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Cloves and water

Another recipe for cloves helps to thicken hair and protect the scalp from dandruff, which is a major cause of hair weakness and hair loss, thanks to the cloves containing anti-inflammatory agents.
Madam you can start adopting this recipe now as a routine to care for your hair.
• Put a cup of water on the fire.
• After it boils, add two tablespoons of cloves.
• Bring the mixture to a boil for 5 minutes, then take it off the heat and leave it until it becomes cold.
• Put it in a spray-cap bottle, and spray it on damp hair after shampooing and conditioner.
• You can leave it on the hair without rinsing, if desired.

Clove oil and henna

• If you want to dye your hair, add an appropriate amount of henna to the clove oil to get an even mixture.
• Apply the mixture as usual on the hair from roots to ends.
Cover your head with a nylon cap or cling film for two hours.
• Wash your hair as usual, without forgetting to moisturize it with drops of clove oil or coconut oil.
Madam can make clove oil at home without the need to buy it from perfume stores, by following either of the two methods below …

How to make clove oil at home

Clove oil

You need:

• A tablespoon of cloves.
• A cup of olive oil.
• Dark colored bottle.
• A rectangular gauze rag.
• a glass bowl.
• a glass jar.
• Tin foil.

• Grind the cloves in a grinder until they turn into a coarse powder.
Fold the gauze rag into 2 layers and a square shape.
• Put clove powder in the center of a rag, then fold the ends in between and tie with a string.
• Put the cloth rag in the glass jar after adding the olive oil.
• Cover the top of the glass jar with tin foil.
• Put a bowl half full of water on the stove, then put the glass jar inside that contains clove powder and olive oil.
• Bring it to boil for about an hour, until the steam rises.
• Remove the rag and leave the oil to cool.
• The oil is kept in a dark colored bottle so that it does not spoil until use.

The second method contains the same ingredients, but you do not need to heat the oil.
Place the ground cloves in a gauze rag and tie it tightly.
Put it in a glass jar that contains olive oil.
Invite him for 14 days to get concentrated clove oil.
• After two weeks have elapsed, remove the gauze rag and store the oil in the dark colored bottle.

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