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Closed schools? In many countries, the youngest pupils continue to learn

He approached the complete closure of the schools as part of the lockdown Israel, which was apparently helped by drastic measures. The country can now start easing restrictions, and 1st to 4th graders should return to school from November.

From October 19, schools in Northern Ireland, in the leading position Great Britain but schools will not close yet.

Also Slovakia under the impression of bad numbers with new cases, it decided to close schools until 27 November. However, the measure does not apply to primary schools, nurseries or kindergartens.

The youngest children (1st to 3rd grade) can go to schools in the neighboring ones Polish, where otherwise distance learning was also introduced.

V Italy distance learning is also introduced, however, only from the second stage onwards. The situation in the country that became the first outbreak of the epidemic in Europe is deteriorating sharply every day, so the question is whether it will not be necessary to tighten measures, which could also affect schools.

A situation similar to that in Italy prevails in the neighboring one Spain. Schools remain open there, but statistics speak for themselves – infections are increasing rapidly, as in the rest of Europe.

The situation in is quite confusing Belgium, where the measures in place differ not only by region, but often also by cities and even neighborhoods. In addition, information often changes from hour to hour. Parents, pupils and students thus often find themselves in a situation where they have to find out at the last minute whether their school has remained open.

V Germany are about to tighten measures due to coronavirus. Unlike in the spring, when schools and kindergartens closed there, now the government identifies the maintenance of their operations as a priority for the economy. Likewise, schools should remain open in the neighboring one Austria.

V Czech republic with the exception of special schools, the schools are closed from 14 September. The outgoing Minister of Health Roman Prymula (for YES) promised during the implementation of the measures that, regardless of the development of the epidemic, pupils attending the first stage will unconditionally return to the benches from 2 November. Later, however, he began to relativize his own words, and on Tuesday he finally announced that this would not happen.


Roman Prymula: Children with 2.11. will not return to schools

Video: Czech Television ČT24

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