Clip Studio Paint version 2.0 now available from Celsys.

(Siheung Times) Celsis announced on the 24th that it has started providing ‘Clip Studio Paint 2.0 version’, an illustration, cartoon, webtoon, and animation production app.

Clip Studio Paint is available on all devices including Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Galaxy, Android, and Chromebook.

Version 2.0 includes several new features. Representative features include a powerful 3D function that can be used as a reference when drawing heads and hands, automatic shading that automatically creates shadows, and brush color mixing that realizes more realistic color mixing. With this new feature, users can enjoy digital painting unique to Clip Studio Paint.

Users who are currently paying for the ‘Monthly Plan (Clip site and each app store)’ can immediately update to version 2.0, and ‘One-time/Indefinite (Windows, MacOS) Version 1’ users can upgrade to the update plan or preferential version upgrades. Version 2.0 is available via Celsys plans to release ‘one-time payment/indefinite period (Windows, macOS) version 2.0’ in the near future.

A diagnostic chart that suggests an optimal usage plan, such as a detailed product lineup, the period of use of the current product, and the desired payment method, can be found on the website.

Meanwhile, Clip Studio Paint is an illustration, cartoon, webtoon, and animation creation app that supports Windows, macOS, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Chromebook. There are two grades: PRO, which is optimal for illustration and artwork production, and EX, which is optimal for digital drawing of cartoons, webtoons, and commercial animations. It celebrated its 10th anniversary since its release in May of this year, and is currently used by more than 25 million people worldwide.

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