Clash of the noble titans – Big Brother VIP

The diatribe between Patrizia De Blanck and the Marquise of Aragon have distant origins and their clash inside the House has become a cult.

At that time it was the marquise who was a Big Brother competitor and Patrizia had entered to deny his words about the noble title that, according to De Blanck, the marquise had awarded herself without having the right to.

On that occasion, the two nobles did not spare themselves on anything and certainly did not send them to say. In light of the recent confrontation, the question arises: what will happen tonight?

For the occasion Alfonso has decided to support the countess with two exceptional bodyguards: Andrea ed Enock who now stand beside her.

And the long-awaited moment has arrived, so the Marquise of Aragon enters on the notes of a triumphant music and immediately takes the floor and they are certainly not demonstrations of affection: “Your nobility is nowhere to be seen”, he tells her. Patrizia loses her temper: “I won’t let you touch my family!”, altered yell.

The marquise replies defending herself: “I’m not talking about it, the experts do, when you come out you will notice it. You have done nothing but shame my person “, inveighs against them.

Alfonso intervenes to calm the spirits and bring back a little lightness: “Patrizia, do you want to host the marquise in your pied-à-terre?”.


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