Claims to have the majority of votes, Anwar Ibrahim Called by the Malaysian Police

KUALA LUMPUR, KOMPAS.comPolice Malaysia stated that they would summon the opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim related to his claim that received a majority vote.

In the police statement, they intended to ask Anwar for an explanation because a politician complained that his name was on the media coverage.

The police explained that they had received complaints about the circulation of the names of at least 121 members of the People’s Council (parliament) who supported Anwar.

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So far, the President of Partai Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has not received any clear support from other parties.

It’s just as quoted Channel News Asia Monday (12/10/2020), Police did not reveal the identity of the reporter, nor the material of the report.

Director of the Criminal Investigation Department, Huzir Mohamed, stated that the “Malaysia” public was asked not to worry about the truth.

He also appealed to interested parties not to pass it on without going through the verification process.

“The police will clearly not hesitate to take action against anyone proven to spread fake, unverified, and misleading news,” said Huzir.

Huzir said that his party had scheduled Anwar Ibrahim to give a statement on Monday morning. But it couldn’t because of conflicting schedules.

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Anwar himself had warned the PKR not to hold any meetings while he had an audience with him King of Malaysia.

“I also ask the public to remain calm during this hearing, and follow the established process,” he said Reuters.

As is known, the former deputy of Mahathir Mohamad from the period 1993-1998 claimed to have a majority vote to form a government.

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At least 112 seats out of 222 parliamentarians are needed to overthrow Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s government.

This Tuesday (13/10/2020), Anwar is scheduled to meet the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Abdullah to display his claim.

Meanwhile, Sultan Abdullah, who has recently been treated for food poisoning, is said to have started calling political party leaders to confirm Anwar’s claim.


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