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Cirkus App – Planning and Collaboration App for iOS and Mac! [Video] – Marseille News

Cirkus is a hands-on project manager and productivity app. It is a free downloadable app that you can grab for your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac. It’s a great option for those of you looking to manage team and individual projects. Head below for a closer look:

Who is Cirkus for

Cirkus is primarily intended for corporate users, teams and large companies. But you can certainly use Cirkus for individual work. The application offers many useful features to facilitate project management and collaborations. Cirkus uses Gantt style project management. This allows for the planning of people and resources.

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Collaborative features

An interesting feature offered by Cirkus is the possibility to comment and react to the actions of a project. Users can not only leave comments on the task, but can also upload and submit images (and other compatible files). You can also add reactions to comments with emoji.

The comments menu allows you to tag another collaborator in a comment if you want someone else to comment on the task. And Cirkus will keep an activity log of all of this, in addition to anything that happened in the course of that specific task.

The subtasks feature is a useful way to organize everything that is needed to complete a task. You just add a subtask in the task menu. You can even edit this subtask to set its own due date and recipient. And you can add comments with attachments and mention other users.

Other characteristics

Cirkus has a very comprehensive scheduling function that allows you to configure events for task management. Just click and drag on the timeline, and you can set up a reservation with another member in your workspace. You also have the Request Workflow function. This allows you to create predefined tasks for a certain project in your workspace.

Making .

Cirkus has a free starter plan. But once you’re ready to grow, you can start a 30-day free trial of their Pro plan which gives you even more features. The pro plan allows up to 100 workspace members. And you get a plethora of other advanced search and export tools. You should check out Cirkus if you are interested!

You can download Cirkus for free on iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

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