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Christopher Tzavella: He who has walked on righteous ground, he will live – 2024-03-02 16:19:08

/ world today news/ “He who has walked on righteous land, he will live”, writes the poet Hristofor Tzavela in his reissued book “Glagolics. Cyrillics”, saturated with a lot of poetry, historical memory of the holy Bulgarian places, personal destinies, with suffering and suppressed anger for Macedonia, Mysia and Thrace – especially for Macedonia.

The real premiere was today, not 50 years ago, when it was released, because that’s when the censored version of the poem collection “Cyrillic” appeared. Otherwise, the poems are part of the poetic trilogy “Glagolics”, “Cyrillics” and “Alphabets”, created first in English and dedicated to the life and existence of those individuals from Mysia, Thrace and Macedonia who created the Bulgarian state.

Christofor Tzavella is one of the most incredible personalities of our time, some analysts call him a revivalist of recent times. He is a Bulgarian folklorist, poet and historian. He is the author of several collections of poems. Under his editorship were published “Memoirs of Anastas Lozanchev, a member of the Main Staff of the Ilinden Uprising in the Bitola Province”, 2007, “Diary of the Kosturian Voivode Lazar Kiselinchev”, as well as a biographical book about the life of the priest Tarpo Popovski – “The Godfather of the first voivodes of VMORO and VMOK Father Tarpo Popovski”, 2003. He is also the author of the book “The image of Russia in the Bulgarian folk songs from Mysia, Thrace and Macedonia”, 2009, etc.

His other patriotic deeds are no less respectable. He collected, researched and systematized folk art from Macedonia: 26,000 songs, 12,000 tales, 334,000 proverbs, 60,000 oaths, 10,000 riddles, 12,000 swear words, 223 manners, 1,200 blessings, 600 curses, 400 grave laments, 1,000 erotic icons and 1,800 legends and lore.

Tonight, at the second, real premiere of “Glagolics. Cyrillic” by “Bulgarian Bestseller” publishing house, historian Dimitar Genchev spoke the most exciting words about the author. “Today we are present at a resurrection, at a fairy tale that gets its happy ending,” he told the large audience in one of the artistic corners of the “Bulgaria” hall. And he concluded: “Undertakers” never knew that true poetry cannot be operated on and thrown into the morgue. It has the property of being reborn and always comes back to life like a boomerang that renders justice to the one who suffered it.”

The poet admitted to BGNES: in the preface of this book, I described all the hardships I have experienced, fighting to regain what I originally wrote…and at the end of the poem, when the poetic point comes, “Macedonia” is crossed out and in its place appears “The Land of Cockroaches”. Or – in a poem about Krum, “go to Constantinople” is crossed out and the insignificant “go to the valley” appears. Or – you write about the “immortal Bulgarian Patrahil”, but “Bulgarian” is crossed out. Why? Such were the times, which took into account not the national interests of the Bulgarian people, but the political ones, according to the long-suffering artist.

Among the many congratulations and words, Macedonian songs for Hristofor Tzavella were also sung by the famous singer Volodya Stoyanov. He shared that he considers the author of the poems a unique person, respects his exceptionally rich culture and creativity, that he is amazed by the scale of his personal library. And not only that – “not only his songs will be studied, but also the truths about Macedonia, which were deliberately concealed during the years of our modern history”, pointed out the singer.

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