Christmas and Feria Truce in Nîmes: A Festive Period Amidst Political Turmoil and Sports Calendar- Defying Social Events

At Christmas, the sportsmen know the truce of the confectioners. A moment of pause in the sports calendar. In Nîmes, we have the feria truce. This pleasant period during which nothing comes to tarnish the festive spirit, this moment when politicians of all stripes, but also trade unionists and bosses, meet in the arenas or in the bodegas.

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We are all barely recovering from this very long weekend of Pentecost, when a host of social events fall on the agenda. The announced visit of the President of the Republic, to Garons, to launch the forest fire campaign stirs up some protesters who promise, at a minimum, the return of pans. All with perhaps a small roundabout blockage. But on the side of the National Education too, we are claiming and we are already throwing a few cinders. The ashes of the protests against the pension reform seem to be rekindling. Not sure that a small tour of Canadair will be enough to drown these resumptions of fire.

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