Christina Asmus starred in candid scenes with Yegor Creed

Yesterday a teaser video was released for a romantic composition called Love is, which collected more than 800 thousand views per day. Egor and Christina played lovers and showed real passion. Not without sarcastic comments, most of which were devoted to Asmus’ spouse – comedian Garik Kharlamov.

Kristina Asmus and Garika Kharlamova want to be deprived of parental rights because of sex scenes in the film “Text”

“I came here only to read witty jokes about Kharlamov”; “Garik Kharlamov left the conversation”; “There is no clip yet, but I already feel sorry for Kharlamov …” – retorted web users.

And today the video itself has appeared. It turned out less scandalous. Egor played a schoolboy-botanist, madly in love with the most popular girl of the school, whose role was played by Christina. Bloggers Igor Sinyak and David Manukyan also took part in the project.

David Manukyan took part in the Creed video

David Manukyan took part in the Creed video

Recall, more recently, the artist announced that she would no longer take part in too frank scenes, even if it would cost her a career. “Enough of these scenes from me. I don’t have a lot of filming, I’m sorry, but as a husband, Garik will be unpleasant from the comments after such scenes. Yes, I may have to pay a forfeit, because I have to look for an actress, arrange tests again, but the family is more important for me, ”she shared.

Kharlamov, who was dubbed Kukold (a man who voluntarily agrees to cheating on his wife, – approx. StarHita), did not remain in debt and commented on the scandalous role of the spouse, noting that she brilliantly coped with her task.

“My wife is an actress. The sex scene is written in the book and is necessary for the plot. Yes, frankly. Yes – on the edge. So what? When I watch other movies, TV shows and see sex scenes there, I have no question: “What do they allow themselves? They are not husband and wife! ”Or“ What did Sharon Stone’s husband think at the moment of moving his legs on the chair? ” How he allowed her to “copulate” the entire film with Michael Douglas. ” Here you can endlessly list. This movie! There is no wife in the film “Text”; the story there is about completely different people. The story is difficult and complicated, ”said the showman.

Photo: frame from the clip is Love is

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