Christian Adinata Lost in Top 16

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Christian Adinata lost in the last 16 of the Thailand Masters. Indonesia no longer has a chance to win the title in the men’s singles at this tournament.

Christian Adinata lost to Taiwan’s doubles, Chun Yi Lin with a score of 17-21, 13-21. The duel lasted 35 minutes.

Christian Adinata had the lead in the early half of the first game. He excelled at 7-4.

But after that Lin Chun Yi was able to win seven consecutive points while closing the interval with an 11-7 lead.

After the interval, Lin Chun Yi continued to lead until the score was 15-12. At that moment, Christian Adinata was able to get three consecutive points and level the score at 15-15.

Unfortunately, Christian Adinata could not continue this good momentum. Lin Chun Yi actually won four consecutive points and walked away with a 19-15 advantage. Lin Chun Yi finally closed the first game with a 21-17 win.

Entering the second game, Christian Adinata found it difficult to keep up with Lin Chu Yi’s game. Coming close to 5-6, Christian Adinata was trailing 5-11 after Lin Chun Yi won five consecutive points.

After the interval, Lin Chun Yi continued to maintain superiority. Lin Chun Yi scored an eight-point difference at 14-6.

In conditions far behind, Christian Adinata actually showed fierce resistance. He was able to win five consecutive points through superiority in a number of rallies.

The points difference had thinned to just three points at 11-14. Unfortunately, Christian Adinata’s inaccuracies made Chun Yi Lin’s 15th point and ended Christian Adinata’s streak.

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Lin Chun Yi then took the match point at 20-12. Christian Adinata had once thwarted his opponent’s match point until he finally lost 13-21.

Apart from Christian Adinata, another Indonesian player who appeared at the Thailand Masters was Tommy Sugiarto. Tommy lost in the first round when he met Christian Adinata.


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