Choose Floor Coatings according to Space, Homogeneous Tile Dominate


The homogeneous tile floor in the family room gives an elegant and clean impression.

IDEAOnline-Each room have different functions. The choice of floor coating material is certainly not the same.

But, one coating material floor it is most widely used to cover the surface floor in housing, both apartments and landed houses. Namely, ceramics.

Not only are the prices relatively cheap and easy to maintain and clean, the choices are also diverse. No wonder that ceramics are always a favorite and the main choice.

However, there are still many choices of covering materials floor other beyond ceramics to choose from for various room in the apartment.

The choice must of course be adjusted to the function room and the impression you want to create in it. Here are the recommendations.

Living Room

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Room this usually doubles as room sit at once room guests who become a place of interaction for family, guests, or relatives.

Not infrequently, living room also become “room show off”.

Therefore, the choice of material floor used in it are usually the best and can give the impression of “wow”.

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