Chivas applauded everything: Necaxa felt betrayal of his hobby

Aguascalientes, Mexico /

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Less than a month ago they played the MX League semifinals before him in the end champion, Monterrey. Now, in Necaxa they are upset with their hobby because in the preseason game against Chivas all were applause for the Flock.

“In my case, the strongest nuisance was in the game against Chivas. You see that The entire stadium applauds Chivas players after all we live against Monterrey (Semifinals of the A2019). We talked to him among several teammates, what he felt in that game is that people did weigh, people were with us, “said defender Rodrigo Noya.

“Then these things happen. Today it seems that Chivas was the one who went to the Semifinals and that it was a goal of being in a Final, today nobody talks about what we did last tournament. “

The great performance of the Rays in the previous tournament is perfectly attainable and they even dream of more, since according to Noya they showed that despite the multiple casualties they have what to fight a title with.

“I try every day to get up wanting to overcome myself, to be a better person, a better player, to work and improve the last tournament. The last tournament was a bad start and they began to speculate many things, that if this or the other was missed; after with performance and results people began to believe in the team, what was lived in the stadium I don’t know how many times it happens again. “

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