Chiquis Rivera for the tail in a bikini and toasts on Instagram with her friend Helen Ochoa

Chiquis Rivera, regional Mexican singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera.

Chiquis Rivera, regional Mexican singer and daughter of Jenni Rivera.

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The other that is sweeping the best style of the bichota Karol G es Chiquis Rivera. The daughter of Jenni Rivera she does not stop giving heels and more now that she is legally separated from Lorenzo Mendez. While she continues to celebrate, she was with her boyfriend and her friend Helen Ochoa toasted with margaritas and wearing a heart-stopping bikini that she showed off by holding her tail and blowing kisses to all her fans on Instagram.

Chiquis Rivera He was in Miami fulfilling work commitments. There, when the media announced that she and Lorenzo Méndez are officially divorced, the Queen bee celebrated wearing a blue jumpsuit full of holes with his friend Larry Hernandez. But the party has continued and, very removed from grief,She put on a purple bikini and lifted her tail to show off the thong that the piece turned into from the back. Of course your partner in crime, Helen Ochoawas there to lift up her friend and why not, shake her curves for all the fans of both too.

Chiquis Rivera keep up with your Queen Bee Tour. She recently dressed up as a very sultry cowgirl at a concert she gave in Texas. The change in her figure has given much to talk about in recent months. Especially for the anti-cellulite massages that Jenni Rivera’s daughter she always shows off on social media, wearing minimal dental floss every time she attends.

Many assure that this is the secret of the new great body of Chiquis Rivera. The change is impressive and very positive. To the point that she can already wear almost translucent onesies without underwear and look very sensual. Without a doubt, this stage of Chiquis is also noticeable abroad.

After a legal battle of almost two years, Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez are already, according to a divorced Los Angeles court. This because Chiquis’s lawyer asked for the annulment of the marriage. Apparently, the former vocalist of La Banda El Limón did not deliver any documentation to the court and this was the protection used by the singer’s defense of Mexican region.

However, Lorenzo Méndez said on the program The fat and the skinny he didn’t know why they weren’t divorced yet. He also assured at some point that they always asked for a lot of documentation and that the process had become somewhat cumbersome. The truth is that now everyone is on their own and Chiquis Rivera in a relationship of more than a year with the photographer of Becky G, emilio sanchez.

With it he has made a very good duo. In fact, Emilio is the director of several of the videos of Chiquis Rivera. Also from some of the campaigns for his makeup line, among many of the other important clients that the audiovisual artist has. Here we leave the success of the theme Queen bee for you to enjoy.

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