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China’s Pork Sales Around Lunar New Year: Stabilizing Situation or Potential Output Decline?

CHINAInternational focus on Chinese pork sales in 2024 Lunar New Year. Chinese data shows the current situation is stable. However, experts from French think tanks believe that great caution must be exercised as China may face a drop in output.

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China’s pork sales around the Lunar New Year have been one of the benchmarks for observing the economy in the past few years.

— Market worries about sluggish pork consumption among Chinese people —

Our French Broadcasting Corporation (RFI) French«raw materials»Column (Chronicle of Raw Materials) published an article last Thursday, February 15, 2024, talking about the current pork market in China.The French title of this story[Pourquoi la filière du porc ne profite-t-elle pas du Nouvel An chinois?]Translated into Chinese:[为何猪肉行业未受益于中国新年?]。

RFI Image Archive / Chronicle of raw materials. Note:[原材料]column. © RFI Image Archive

This French report by our RFI economics reporter Arthur Ponchelet said that Chinese consumers failed to keep appointments during the Lunar New Year this year, which worried the market. On paper, everything seems to be fine in China’s pork market. China has rebuilt its livestock population after experiencing African swine fever in 2018. China slaughtered one-third of its pigs that year. Beijing then imported large quantities of livestock from Europe and South America. Today, things have evolved.

–Experts pay attention to the real hygiene situation of China’s pigs-

RFI French website«raw materials»Column (Chronicle of Raw Materials) reported that data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) showed that China’s pork production in 2023 reached about 58 million tons, but prices fell. The price of live pigs has dropped from 37 yuan per kilogram to 17 yuan. Due to the festival, the price of pork, one of the most popular foods among consumers, has rebounded slightly.

RFI Raw Materials/The market is worried about the sluggish pork consumption of Chinese people. RFI Image Archive / En Chine

From this point of view, the situation is stable. But experts who co-drafted the report from the French think tank Cyclope pointed out that one must be very cautious when looking at Chinese data. He said people don’t understand the true sanitary conditions of China’s livestock. China is likely to face a decline in production.

China’s soybean imports can reflect pork consumption —

Our RFI «Raw Materials» column (Chronicle of Raw Materials) report finally stated that if the authorities did not release official figures, another data is more credible: China’s imports of Brazilian soybeans. This is used as feed for pigs. Beijing’s imports are getting smaller and smaller. Experts believe this reflects China’s sluggish pork consumption. The situation is likely to worsen further. People don’t understand how much authorities are purchasing to support the pork industry. This is a common practice in China when markets are tired.

RFI Raw Materials/China’s Pork Sales for 2024 Lunar New Year

_Papier Desk Nicolas 2024.02.19 Monday day Raw Materials – the pork industry in China is not benefiting from the New Year 2024


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