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Chilean tourist was found dead in a hotel in Medellín

Medellín authorities investigate the death of a foreigner in a hotel in the city. This is a 37-year-old Chilean identified as Mahuro Alfonso Bravo Chelen.

The events took place in one of the rooms of a hotel located in the Florida Nueva neighborhood, in the Laureles-Estadio commune. The man was found still with vital signs, but with apparent signs of what would be poisoning.

According to the data known so far, the foreigner’s romantic partner was the one who found him in a serious state of health, which is why they alerted the authorities.
The discovery and death of the Chilean

According to the information revealed by Caracol Radio, Bravo’s girlfriend went to the place where he was staying to inform him that his father had died and give him a letter. When the Colombian woman knocked on the door, her partner did not open it and although she asked the establishment’s administrators to allow her to enter, it was not possible.

Given the refusal, according to the information revealed by Noticias RCN, the woman proceeded to pass the letter under the door and it was at that moment that she heard the man’s moans.

At that moment the woman called the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Police to report the events. Patrol units arrived at the hotel in commune 11 and opened the door. At that moment they found the man choking and convulsing.

The uniformed officers used the institution’s vehicle to transport the foreigner to a medical center. Despite the efforts of health personnel to save his life, the foreigner’s effects were so serious that death could not be avoided.

According to the statements of the romantic partner Mahuro Alfonso Bravo Chelen, the man was diabetic so he had to inject insulin regularly. Furthermore, apparently he was going through an episode of depression because the Chilean justice system had revoked his parental rights over his children.

The workers at the hotel where the events occurred assured that the last time they saw him, the Chilean entered his room with a soda and a bag in which he apparently had medications. He also asked not to be disturbed and paid two days of lodging in advance. .

Although at the moment the exact causes of his death are unknown, the report provided by Caracol indicates that the man suffered respiratory arrest and had bruises on his stomach.

However, units of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office are carrying out the respective inspections to clarify the facts. Apparently it would not be ruled out that it is a new case of suicide, but the authorities in charge will be the ones to establish the causes of his death.
Other deaths of foreigners in Medellín

The authorities of other countries, especially the United States, have alerted their compatriots due to the public order situation in Colombia and the high number of foreigners who have been victims of robberies and homicides in the capital of Antioquia.

So far this year, in the Aburrá Valley alone, twelve deaths of non-migrant foreigners have been recorded, including five Americans, an Arab, a Lithuanian, a German, a Canadian, a Dutchman and a nine-month-old Peruvian baby.

Although the causes of death in most of these cases are the subject of investigation by the authorities, in at least three events they were suicides. With Infobae

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