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Child killed in Israel with seasonal flu .. The death toll rises to 11 people

The death toll from the Israelis has increased due to the spread Influenza Seasonality to 11 people after the Kaplan Hospital in the city of Rehovot witnessed the death of a one and a half year old girl due to influenza complications, noting that the child had been transferred to the hospital in a very serious condition, as efforts to save her life were unsuccessful, so that she would rise Flu deaths due to 11 cases, and 100 people contracted the disease, and their condition is described as serious.

The Israeli Ministry of Health announced the death of a 19-year-old man and a 14-year-old girl as a result of complications from the influenza virus, increasing that number to 10 infected persons, after it was 8 people last week.

“The veteran doctors have never encountered such an aggressive disease, and that is a warning sign for all of us,” the newspaper quoted Professor Jacob Lavi, the doctor treating a 40-year-old patient, as saying in a critical condition.

“The patient came to us from the Harovet Medical Center, and all his equipment collapsed. The first member who collapsed was the heart,” he added. “I have seen flu patients for many years, but we have never encountered such acute and aggressive flu.”

The sick funds mentioned that there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people who received the flu vaccination, pointing out that the virus this year is “aggressive and fierce” advising the Israelis to receive vaccinations, especially the groups with high risk factors, which are adults over 65 years old and children from the age of A year and a half and above, with chronic diseases and pregnant women.

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