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Chiefs Superfan Arrested for Bank Robbery and Fleeing State Lines

Chiefs superfan Xaviar Babudar, who dressed up as a wolf at NFL games, was arrested Friday and charged with robbing a bank and transporting stolen goods across state lines.

Babudar, nicknamed “ChiefsAholic,” was on the run after missing a court date in March related to an alleged December 2022 bank robbery in Oklahoma.

“ChiefsAholic” was on the list of most wanted fugitives

The Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers listed Babudar as a person of special interest and placed him on their Most Wanted Fugitives list. He rose to social media fame for dressing up as a wolf at Chiefs games.

He was arrested in Lincoln, California. According to an affidavit, Babudar purchased and redeemed over $1 million in chips at casinos in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois between April and December 2022. Babudar traveled throughout the Midwest and is said to have been involved in a number of bank robberies and attempted bank robberies.

According to the release, the affidavit relates to four bank robberies in Nebraska, Iowa, Tennessee and Oklahoma and the attempted robbery of two credit unions in Minnesota. The 28-year-old will appear in court on Monday afternoon.

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