Chaos with deliveries in the United States, urgently looking for 80,000 truck drivers

The United States has fallen into chaos with the supply of goods due to a shortage of truck drivers, CNN reported. Due to the emergency, hundreds of ports in the country are blocked by ships that cannot unload full containers.

“The US carrier industry is in crisis. A record shortage of truck drivers has been reported – 80,000 people, an increase of 30% from pre-pandemic levels when the sector was already facing a labor shortage of 61,500 drivers, “said Chris Spear, president of the American Transportation Association. of cargo (ATA). According to him, many drivers are retiring and dropping out of the industry, and there are fewer and fewer applicants for this job. Spear is convinced that increased consumer demand also plays a big role in this shortage.

US President Joe Biden has ordered the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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so that the situation can be normalized. However, this is not possible because there is no one to transport the shipments.

Crowded supply chains will be felt most strongly during the upcoming holidays at the end of the year, when there may be a shortage of even some basic goods. An additional problem of the ports is the lack of enough dockers for unloading, experts note.

71% of the goods of the American economy rely on land transport, but the trucks that transport them are only 4% of the vehicles on the roads.

“If nothing is done on this issue, following the data, by 2030 we will see a shortage of 160,000 drivers and the need for 1,000,000 new ones over the next ten years,” said Chris Spear.

He added that the labor shortage crisis could be tackled if more attractive campaigns were made to attract employers to younger Americans by offering them additional social benefits.

The ATA believes that the problem can be solved with the two-party infrastructure plan, if it is approved by Congress. This will allow money to be poured into transport and about 3,000 young people to be trained. At the moment, truck drivers must be over 21 years old, and the idea is

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drivers on

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18-20 years

At the end of August, a record number of cargo ships ran aground off the coast of California. The delay in unloading shipments is due to labor shortages and blockages related to COVID-19. The ships waited for more than 7 days to be unloaded.

Lack of drivers is becoming a global problem, and experts say it will slow economic recovery after the pandemic. Supply chains in a number of countries have slowed, and one of the hardest hit is the UK. The ads in the country for truck drivers are over 7500. In order to attract a job, some companies offer salaries of over 50 thousand. British lippies annually. The government has decided to issue thousands of temporary work visas for drivers in an attempt to control the situation. By the end of 2021, 5,000 drivers will have temporary driving licenses on the island.



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