Chantal from MAFS happy in love: ‘He is very courteous’

It all started at the bakery, Chantal tells RTL Boulevard. There her new flame ordered a delicious sausage roll for the blonde. She loves courtesy, so that action went well with her. “And then he asked for my number.”

After this romantic moment, the contact has always remained. “We always have nice dates. We go out for dinner, have a drink or take a walk.” And while bowling, Chantal’s great love asked her to date.

He did that with a ring. “But we are not getting married”, says Chantal. Her new flame is very courteous, which is so important to the blonde. “He keeps the door open for me everywhere, slides into my chair and takes my coat. And every morning when I wake up, he sends me a text that he thinks I’m such a beautiful woman.”

RTL Boulevard spoke to Chantal after all Married at First Sight-adventure. How the blonde experienced that time, she tells below.

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