The Saudi agreement raises its bid for the third time to buy Walid Azaro from Al-Ahly

The Saudi Al-Ittifaq Club raised its offer to buy Moroccan Walid Azzaro, Al-Ahly striker, for the third time, after the Red Administration rejected the first offer, whose value reached 400 thousand dollars, and the second offer, which was estimated at 600 thousand dollars.

Super Koro learned that the Saudi agreement sent an official and final offer to Al-Ahly during the past hours, with a value of one million dollars, in addition to paying the late dues for borrowing the player.

Al-Ahly will respond to the offer of the Saudi agreement in the coming hours.

It is noteworthy that the file of Al-Ahly’s extension to the contract of its Moroccan star Walid Azzaro witnessed a big breakthrough after the departure of the Swiss coach Rene Fyler, the coach of the team, whether during the next few days or at the end of the African Champions League, Al-Ahly officials made an offer to Lazaro to extend his contract for an additional two seasons, especially since his contract with the team Al-Ahmar ends at the end of next season and is therefore entitled to sign for any club during the next Mercato winter.

The relationship of Azzaro with Failer was very tense, and the latter had a major role in the departure of the Moroccan star on loan to the Saudi agreement last January, before the player’s loan was cut off due to the failure of the Saudi club to pay the rest of the dues of Al-Ahly and the player, and the officials of the Saudi agreement raised the value of the offer submitted to Al-Ahly in order to buy the Moroccan Walid Azaro, the red giant striker, finally, during the upcoming summer transfers, as Al-Ahly officials set up a scenario in case Azaro refused to extend his contract, which ends with the red team at the end of next season, and the officials decided to sell the international striker permanently if no agreement was reached with him on extending his contract, A minimum amount of $ 2 million was set to sell the player.

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