Changing concepts of community care and its regulation?

Friday, October 23
Promotion (VU), Aula, 1.45 pm
Didi Verver: Changing concepts of community care and its regulation

Working in care networks of care providers and informal carers for a client is not yet a standard way of thinking and working. This is one of the conclusions of the study into the functioning of care networks for independently living frail elderly people during the transition to long-term care.

Care at home

The growing group of elderly living independently is causing changes in the care landscape, whereby more and more care is provided in the home situation. Verver developed a new supervisory framework for long-term care in the home situation on behalf of the Health and Youth Care Inspectorate.

The research consisted of four different phases, with each phase providing input for the next phase. In the final phase, the new supervisory framework was evaluated. This showed that involving the client’s perspective in supervision is of great added value, because it reveals gaps in the collaboration around a client.
Link to thesis

Source: Amsterdam UMC

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