Russian scientists have discovered how to restore heart cells in diabetic patients

Russian scientists have found that the substance uridine, produced by the human body, significantly reduces the effects of heart disease in diabetic mice and slightly relieves the symptoms of muscular dystrophy. The study is published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

Scientists from Mari State University (Yoshkar-Ola) and the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino) administered uridine daily to diabetic mice for three weeks.

As a result, the mitochondria in the muscle cells of the animals’ hearts began to form more folds, which allowed them to supply energy to the muscles. In addition, the shape of the sarcomeres, the protein structures responsible for muscle contraction, has changed. In addition, the animals’ blood glucose levels decreased.

In a further study, scientists tested uridine in the treatment of Duchenne’s dystrophy, an inherited disease in which, due to a genetic mutation, mitochondria are destroyed and muscles gradually atrophy.

“In the case of a severe hereditary disease, Duchenne’s dystrophy, the effect of uridine was weakly expressed and would be insufficient to improve patients’ conditions,” says Mikhail Dubinin, head of one of the projects supported by a grant from Russian Science. Foundation, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of Mari State University. “However, in the experiments, uridine reduced muscle fibrosis, ie their replacement with connective tissue that is unable to contract. This result allows the use of uridine as an adjunct therapy that slows the progression of the disease. In the future, we plan to look for new, more effective drugs that improve the functioning of mitochondria and help cells cope with serious diseases ”.

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