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Changes to Payment Procedure for Ukrainian IDPs: What You Need to Know

The payment procedure for Ukrainian citizens with IDP status has been changed: what changes should IDPs prepare for • cxid.info

December 07, 2023 / Ukrainian News

Ukrainians who were forced to move due to hostilities have the status of internally displaced persons and are entitled to receive payments from the country. However, changes have occurred in the procedure for recording such citizens and in the process of providing assistance to them.

About what changes the Cabinet of Ministers introduced in relation to IDPs, reported on the government portal.

On November 21, 2023, at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, a number of changes were made to government regulations regarding the registration of IDPs and state assistance to such persons. The following innovations were introduced:

the deadline for payments for IDPs has been extended after the end of hostilities or temporary occupation of the territories from which they have moved. Previously, payments stopped for the next month, but now – after three; In the event of re-displacement as a result of mandatory evacuation after August 1, 2023, persons who previously received payments will be able to receive assistance for an additional 6 months. A prerequisite for this is their inclusion in the evacuated lists, which are approved by regional military administrations. Those who traveled independently or with the help of volunteers need to inform the OBA; IDPs who are seeking help for the first time and have lived abroad for some time can apply for assistance 15 working days after returning to Ukraine.

How long can internally displaced persons receive payments?

Citizens of working age who are unemployed, unless there are good reasons, must take care of their employment within three months from the date of appointment of payments for internally displaced persons. This means:

registration of individual entrepreneurs; applying for a business grant; employment; receiving a training voucher; obtaining unemployed status registered at the employment center.

For another six-month period, payments for IDPs will be automatically assigned to citizens who first applied for such assistance after August 1, 2023. Accordingly, for some categories of IDPs, payments will be extended without additional recourse for six months, starting from February 1, 2024, since the first six-month period for them will end on January 31, 2024.

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