Chanel, who raised the price alone again… Classic line average of 5 impressions Lee Mi-kyung’s insight

“It is up 73% compared to pre-coronavirus
Classic flap bag small 11.05 million won → 11.6 million won
Classic flapback medium is 73% higher than before Corona

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On the 10th, Chanel Korea raised the price of its flagship product, ‘Classic Line’. The classic line is a product that is sold regardless of the season, and it is also an item that says ‘today is the cheapest’ because Chanel raises prices frequently.

According to the luxury industry on that day, the price of the Chanel Classic Flap Bag Small rose 5.0% from 11.05 million won to 11.6 million won. The medium price was adjusted 5.0% from 11.8 million won to 12.39 million won. The new mini rose 4.9% from 5.66 million won to 5.94 million won.

In addition, the Gabriel Hobo Bag Small was raised from 6.55 million won to 6.88 million won, and the Classic Chain Wallet (WOC) was raised from 3.8 million won to 3.99 million won.

chanel classic medium

chanel classic medium

This is the third time that Chanel has raised its domestic sales price this year. Chanel raised the price of its popular item, Coco Handle, by more than 10% in January. In March, the price of some products, such as the classic flap bag Small and Medium, Boy Chanel, and Gabrielle Hobo, increased by an average of 5%.

Chanel also raised prices four times in February, July, September and November last year. Comparing only with the price of Chanel’s flagship product ‘Classic Medium Flap Bag’, the price this month (12.39 million won) rose 73.3% compared to November 2019 (7.15 million won) before Corona 19.

Regarding the successive price increase policy, some in the industry say that it is a strategy that Chanel is trying to improve its brand image by sticking to its high price policy. An official from the luxury industry said, “It is true that Chanel’s image has fallen a lot due to the recent open run and resell transactions. .

Reporter Lee Mi-kyung

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