Protecting lucid waters and lush mountains and exploring the countryside for mutual wealth TV series “Fuchun Mountain Residence” was completed in Fuyang

Protecting lucid waters and lush mountains and exploring the countryside for mutual wealth, the TV series “Fuchun Mountain Residence” was completed in Fuyang

Hangzhou Net Release time: 2022-08-10 07:08

Hangzhou Daily News After 88 days of intense filming, the TV series “Fuchun Mountain Residence”, with Fuyang guarding the green waters and green mountains, broke his wrist and retire from the paper industry as the background, has recently finished in Fuyang and entered the post-production stage.

On May 12 this year, the Zhejiang-produced drama “Fuchun Mountain Residence” was launched in Dongziguan, the “Internet celebrity village”, and the whole scene was filmed in Fuyang. This is the first TV series with the theme of Fuyang. It tells the story of a group of young people who are constantly striving to revitalize the countryside and achieve common prosperity in the process of exploring the development of the countryside in the new era.

Fuyang is the original and real scene of Huang Gongwang’s “Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains”. The artistic conception in “Fuchun Mountain Residence” is also the keynote set by the producer Liu Zhijiang for the TV series “Fuchun Mountain Residence”. Liu Zhijiang hopes to express his emotions with mountains and rivers, and express his spirit with mountains and rivers, so that the TV series can present an idyllic landscape poetry. To this end, the main creative team spent a year in Fuyang collecting scenery and scenery, in-depth understanding of Fuyang landscape humanities, regional culture and the connotation and extension of transformation and upgrading, and strive to tell the story of rural revitalization and common prosperity, and present Fuyang landscape in a comprehensive, true and three-dimensional manner. The beauty of humanity.

In fact, in these years, there have been many movies and TV series shot in Fuyang, and Fuyang has also made full use of the artistic expression of film and television to promote Fuyang. From “The Barber” in the early years to “Thirty Only” and “Plumbing in the Spring River” in the previous two years, to this year’s “Fuchun Mountain Residence”, these are another vivid interpretation of Fuchun culture.

In the next step, Fuyang will further coordinate the resources of all parties and continue to do a good job in this article on the development of the film and television industry, so that the audience can better understand the charm of the original and real locations of “Fuchun Mountain Residence” through film and television works.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: reporter Luo Binghao correspondent Xu Yuanjiao Pi Liqin Editor: Wang Hao

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