Champions League special jersey for those who fight COVID-19


The Champions League can be held again this week. UEFA released a special jersey welcoming the fight, to thank those who fought COVID-19.

2019/2020 Champions League was temporarily stopped in mid-March. Corona pandemic that spread throughout the world, especially Europe, forced the prestigious event to a standstill.

After five months of competition suspended, the Champions League can finally be held again on 8-9 August. The rest of the matches in the round of 16 will continue, and subsequent rounds will also continue until the finals – planned to be held on August 23, 2020.

UEFA is very grateful after the Champions League can be held again. To that end, the blue continent’s soccer authorities requested that each team’s match jersey be made specifically.

On its official website, UEFA asks the jersey of each team that competes to embed the word ‘Thank You’ or in Indonesian means ‘Thank You’. The writing was a form of gratitude to the medical officers who fought COVID-19.

UEFA also released a video of thanks from the top players at The Champions League. Sergio Ramos, Kevin de Bruyne, Sergio Busquets, expressed their thanks in their respective languages.

In addition to the special jersey, each team that plays will also take a moment of silence. It was addressed to victims of the corona pandemic, which according to the WHO, had reached more than 600 thousand deaths.

“I am glad our competition can be held again, but we must not forget those who are dedicated and personally willing to sacrifice so that it gives us the opportunity to play again,” the UEFA president said. Aleksander Ceferin.

This weekend, the top matches can be seen again at The Champions League. Among them Manchester City vs Real Madrid, Barcelona vs Napoli, and Bayern Munich vs Chelsea.

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