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Challenging Physical Test at the Eure-et-Loir Gendarmerie Group: Winger Ahmed Doumbia’s Experience

“Sitting on my sofa, when I watched the reports on the gendarmerie, I thought it was an easy job. I was wrong, ”said winger Ahmed Doumbia in a sweat on Friday August 4, 2023. His C’Chartres BM team went to the Eure-et-Loir gendarmerie group, in Lucé, to test themselves on a physical test and discover the specialized units. The sportsman adds: “The obstacle course is difficult with the 5 kg helmet, the 15 kg bulletproof vest, the protections… Not to mention the stress of a real situation that we don’t have during this training. ” And without the weight of the armament…

“The same values ​​of spirit of cohesion”

In pairs, the players therefore carried a 65 kg weighted dummy on a stretcher, performed a rope climb, carried weights or ropes, shot at targets, did pull-ups, push-ups… Exercises carried out under the eye of coach Moatassim Rhennam: “In 2022, we immersed ourselves with the firefighters of Chartres. This year, I had the idea of ​​​​a meeting with the gendarmes to get the players out of their daily environment around of sharing and solidarity.”

Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Lothe, second in command of the Eure-et-Loir gendarmerie group, agreed to welcome them: “The gendarmes and the basketball players share the same values ​​of a spirit of cohesion. We have concocted a test for them playful.”

A performance for Prost and Ricard-Dorigo

The record, 11 minutes, belongs to the soldiers of the surveillance and intervention platoon of the gendarmerie (Psig Saber). The duo Aly Goussard – Ahmed Doumbia finished the race in 18 minutes. Exhausted, Aly Goussard, a youngster from the club, summed up: “The more time passed, the more tired I felt. But we helped each other well.”

The CCBM pairs continued in a good atmosphere, between chambering and encouragement. The best performance was achieved by the duo Thomas Prost and Jérémy Ricard-Dorigo in 11 minutes! The Psig instructor praised their time: “It’s an excellent result, the same as ours.” But he qualifies: “We did it with a gas mask on our face.”

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