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‘Chae Sang-byeong died in the line of duty’ former division commander accused by battalion commander

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Lim Seong-geun, former division commander of the 1st Marine Division, to which the late Corporal Chae, who died in the line of duty last year, belonged, recently placed the blame on the battalion commanders, saying, “I never ordered him to go into the water.”

Accordingly, the battalion commander filed a report to the Airborne Corruption Investigation Office against former division commander Lim, claiming that this was a false statement.

This is reporter Hong Eui-pyo.

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Former division commander Lim Seong-geun said in a 188-page affidavit recently submitted to a military court that he was not responsible.

“Despite repeated orders not to enter the water,” the Marines went into the water while “the battalion commander distorted his message.”

In response to this claim, the battalion commander refuted the claim, saying former division commander Lim was lying.

They are making a nonsensical claim, saying that former division commander Lim commented that “an excellent public relations effort was carried out” after seeing photos of Marines in the water.

Furthermore, he reported former division commander Lim to the Corruption Investigation Office, saying that he was defaming the battalion commander’s honor with content that was different from the facts.

The battalion commander also disclosed additional evidence containing the circumstances under which the division commander ordered.

On July 18, the first day of the search for missing persons, the commander of the 7th Artillery Battalion posted these photos in a group chat room and expressed concern that “I am afraid of searching the waterfront area” and “the water is still deep.”

However, at the Marine Corps command and control center meeting held that afternoon, an order was given to “go in below the knees in a checkerboard pattern and search by poking around.”

The battalion commander’s position is that despite being told that it was dangerous, stronger orders were given to go into the water.

While both sides have conflicting claims about who ordered the Marines to enter the water, the truth of Corporal Chae’s case will be revealed through future police and Corruption Investigation Investigations.

This is Hong Eui-pyo from MBC News.

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