CES 2021, Sony shows its electric Vision-S in action

Last year, at CES 2020, Sony amazed everyone by presenting the Vision-S, an electric car prototype equipped with advanced technologies. At the time, the company stated that its goal was not to enter the auto industry as a manufacturer but to show how its technologies can add value to the automotive sector. However, shortly after mid-2020, this passenger car became more than just a prototype.

In fact, in July Sony said it wanted to start test his car on roads open to the public. And the tests have actually started. On the occasion of CES 2021, the Japanese company has not provided any particular updates on the development status of the Vision-S. Anyway, he did know that road tests have begun in December 2020 on Austrian roads. It is not yet clear what the real future of this car will be.

For the occasion, Sony has shared some videos showing the prototype in action on the road. In one of these, the Vision-S is shot from above by the Airpeak drone recently announced by the company. As for the specifications of the car, we briefly recall those communicated by Sony a year ago. Such a vehicle has two 200 kW electric motors which allow a maximum speed of 240 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.8 seconds.

Vision-S was developed in collaboration with the likes of Nvidia, Continental, Bosch, ZF and Qualcomm. At the time of the presentation, Sony stated that the prototype was equipped with a Level 2 autonomous driving system. At this point all that remains is to wait for further news on the development of the car to understand those exactly Sony’s plans.

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