“Censorship”, new sensational case in Rai – Libero Quotidiano

The rapper Maximum Danger denied what they had said a little earlier Pio and Amedeo: “I had to change the lyrics to be able to bring the song to television,” he said at the end of the performance Music Awards of Verona in which he had to modify the lyrics of his “Stupido”. Pio and A – denied what Pio and Amedeo had said shortly before instead live on Rai1 attacking Fedez for the case of May Day, they declared: “We were told that the RAI executives censor, but no one has allowed themselves to come and tell us ‘what are you going to talk about?’. Live you can say what you want, it’s not like hunt. Right Federico? “.

And again: “If one goes live, he can say what he thinks, it’s not that the bodyguards arrive and someone else could have done so too. Federico, do the controversy, do you like that traffic is made on social networks, swipe up and you sell the products “.

The rapper replies quickly and sharply who, in the night, responds with a middle finger on his Instagram stories: “In Rai, a great artistic installation. conscience by hiring two nonconformist revolutionaries trying to spit the opponent without contradiction “. And on the comic duo, he adds bluntly: “I hope one day to become nonconformist like you. Tomorrow I’ll start going out on the street and giving everyone neg ** and fro ** to get some nice smiles.”



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