Céline Dion Retreats to Tranquil Oasis for Convalescence as She Battles Rare Disease

Céline Dion Retreats to Tranquil Oasis for Convalescence as She Battles Rare Disease

Very surrounded by her loved ones during this difficult ordeal, singer Céline Dion treats her illness in a place “ensuring the tranquility necessary for her convalescence”.

Celine Dion suffering from a rare disease

In December 2022, Celine Dion shared with the public his diagnosis of Stiff-Person disease, a rare neurological infection that caused her to cancel her European tour of the “Courage World Tour”. Then, last May, she then confirmed that all dates of her tour would be canceled until 2024.

As a result, fans’ concern is growing over the illness the singing icon is suffering from. For several months now, Céline Dion has been fighting against “stiff man’s disease”. Also known as “stiff person syndrome”, This disease results in a rare neurological disorder that is characterized by progressive stiffness of the trunk muscles and muscle spasms. This health problem generally appears in adulthood and affects women more, as is the case of the 55-year-old singer.

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For her convalescence, Céline Dion chose a quiet and discreet place

A step-by-step healing. Affected by a rare illness, the singer does “everything to recover”, and this fight begins with the choice of her place of convalescence. While “stiff man’s disease” confronts her with chronic pain or the reduction of her reduced mobility, Céline Dion is determined to fight to regain her health. She thus chose to receive her daily care not in Francea country where she has a particular connection due to her family of Breton origin, but UNITED STATES. To follow his treatment, the star thus retired to his residence in Las VegasIn the Nevadas. A property in the heart of the desert in accordance with its need for tranquility, calm and discretion, a choice revealed by Public in its latest issue released on newsstands. The estate, equivalent to “200 hectares, around 300 football fields”, therefore allows him to accommodate all the medical staff necessary for his care: “Every week, there is a physiotherapist, an osteopath and an acupuncturist who take turns at her bedside in a specially designed treatment room at her home,” the magazine quotes.

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The Quebec star therefore opted for an isolated convalescence, surrounded only by his family and his doctors, far from media attention. A desert break away from the glitter, which we hope will allow him to quickly regain his health.

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