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Celebrate World Pneumonia Day, Get to Know More Forgotten Toddler Diseases

Chairperson of the Indonesian Pediatric Association’s Respirology Coordination Unit Dr.dr. Nastiti Kaswandani, Sp.A (K) gave signs that a child has pneumonia. According to him, the initial symptoms of pneumonia resemble a common cold such as coughs, colds and fever accompanied by prolonged weakness and lethargy.

Symptoms of pneumonia usually last relatively longer than symptoms of colds and coughs from the common cold. The next symptom is difficulty breathing which is characterized by a faster breathing rate, nostrils breath, chest and stomach wall pulls, and lips and nails turning blue due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

“Difficulty breathing in babies can easily be identified when doing activities or eating. Babies who have difficulty breathing will prioritize their body’s mechanism for breathing so that they will eat less, are restless, fussy, or look uncomfortable,” said Dr. Nastiti.

If in doubt about the symptoms your child is experiencing, consult a doctor immediately. Prevention and parental protection must be improved, not only avoiding the pandemic outbreak but other deadly diseases that still threaten toddlers such as pneumonia.

“Now, during this pandemic, how to distinguish Covid-19 and pneumonia is indeed difficult if not clinically tested. Swab examination is the solution,” added Doctor Nastiti.

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