CDMX awaiting guidelines to vaccinate minors

The government of Mexico City is waiting for the federal health authorities to issue the guidelines on the vaccination of minors between 12 and 17 years of age to determine how they will proceed, reported the Secretary of Health, Oliva López.

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We are waiting for you, because a general communication was made and we are waiting for the specific guidelines to make the estimates. For the entire country it is estimated to vaccinate one and a half million; between 750 thousand and one and a half million children between 12 and 17 years old with certain comorbidities; So, today that the guidelines come out, we will start that estimate to have everyone ready when they tell us ‘you can start vaccinating,’ ”he explained.

The capital official commented that -for the moment- the priority is to end the immunization of at least one dose of the biological of all people over 18 years of age, which will happen next Saturday.

The volume is very little compared to what we have vaccinated, remember that Mexico City is the city that has vaccinated the most, we already have more than 11.3 million doses applied; So it’s a relatively manageable group. In other words, if we vaccinate 1 million people in a week, we can attend immediately, as soon as it is precisely defined which pathologies are going to be considered and where the sites for this application will be, which will surely have to be hospital sites ” Oliva López added.

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According to what has been released, the girls, boys and adolescents who could be vaccinated would be those with some diseases such as immunosuppression, cancer, transplants, serious chronic lung disease, chronic kidney, liver and digestive system diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other endocrine diseases, particularly obesity grade 2 or higher, among others.

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