CD Jávea weakens one of its greatest rivals

CD Jávea is one of the teams that aspires to everything this season. The great list of signings that the Alicante team has presented throughout these months makes all their fans think that this may be the year of promotion. Almost all the players that are part of the squad have great experience in Regional Preference, in addition to having previously participated in the Third Division.

juan cruz jorrin leaves atlético benidorm to join cd jávea

The last rojiblanca incorporation complies with the aforementioned, since he competed years ago in teams such as UE Alcúdia, San Roque de Lepe, CD Tarancón or CD Eldense. We are talking about Juan Cruz Jorrin, who signed this summer for Atlético Benidorm CD. The midfielder has been one of the great highlights of the preseason, leaving impressive goals from outside the area with both legs. He is a player with an offensive profile. He is fast, skilled in driving and dribbling, and decisive in the last meters.

Juan Cruz in his presentation with the CD Jávea. Photo: CD Jávea

After several weeks training and competing at a good level, adaptation will not be a problem. In addition, it will have the support of Javier Sánchez ‘Toti’, who also left the Benidormense team to join this project. The signing of Juan is understood as a result of the retirement of Manuel Martínez. The man from Elche informed the entity that he left football motivated by a good job opportunity.

The Argentine is the perfect player to cover the loss of Manuel Martinez

This change of cards does not weaken Diego Miñana’s squad, since if the Argentine has shown something is to have a lot of quality in his boots. His progression in Spain has not been as desired, but a good year with CD Jávea can bring him back to the Third Division next season. He is 25 years old and in his footballing prime. If injuries respect you and you feel the confidence of your coach, you can be one of the great stars of Group V.

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