CCTV Dealer Optimistic Wireless CCTV Technology Will Be Prima Donna

SURABAYA, – Closed Circuit Television or CCTV known nowadays is widely used in offices, even nowadays it is also adopted at home. Various technologies are also embedded so that users are more comfortable.

Like EZVIZ for example. Since its establishment, EZVIZ has been popular with consumers around the world and made important breakthroughs in terms of technology and sales.

Today, with a vision to be the most reliable and respected brand of intelligent home security products, plus the latest technology owned and the vast experience it has accumulated over the years, EZVIZ is ready to bring a safe, comfortable and smart life to everyone.

EZVIZ Business Development Manager Taufik Munandar Abie said, since entering Indonesia in 2017, the product line of solutions smart House and action camera hers to be excellent.

This is because the various smart products that are presented have been designed to provide convenience for users as well as easy to use.

“Everything is connected to wifi. It can be controlled via a smartphone,” he said on the sidelines of the Ezviz Gathering & Training together Bandar CCTV in Surabaya, East Java, Monday (08/8/2022).

Along with the increasing need for security in smart homes in Indonesia, Ezviz also embeds Internet of Thing (IoT) on all CCTV Security technologies.

With this CCTV technology, homeowners will also be able to monitor and control their homes through this CCTV both remotely and at close range.

“Our concept is that all mobile phones are connected,” he said. The latest, Ezviz also presents Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

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