Engine Burns, Qantas Pilot Issues Code ‘Pan-Pan’, What Does It Mean?


Aircraft Qantas had a near-fatal incident. The plane’s engine is said to have caught fire, forcing the plane to issue a ‘pan-pan’ code. What code is that?

Aircraft Qantas it was known to fly from Sydney International Airport on Monday (8/8) morning to Noumea in New Caledonia. The plane is scheduled to take off at 07.40 am local time.

But at the same time, suddenly the Air Traffic Control (ATC) officer received a report from the airport officer in the field.



Qantas QF9the car behind you reported that there was some kind of fire burning on the right side of the engine,” said the ATC officer via radio connection.

“Hopefully not,” the pilot replied.

“Qantas 91 confirms it was a fire,” the ATC official said.

“Pan-pan, pan-pan, pan-pan, Qantas 91 stopped on line 16 left needs firefighting assistance,” said the pilot.

Code ‘bread Bread’ is a code issued by the pilot when encountering a situation that is low risk and does not threaten the safety of life, both crew and passengers.

The pilot then asked for help from firefighters and the search and rescue team. After code ‘bread Bread‘ was published, firefighters immediately came to the scene to extinguish the fire that was suspected to have arisen in the engine of the Qantas aircraft.

76 passengers on the plane were immediately evacuated from the location. After being checked by firefighters and technicians, it was discovered that there was no fire that burned the engine.

Airlines Qantas confirm the truth of the news. According to them, the pilot has taken action in accordance with the applicable SOP.

“The pilot followed procedures and turned off the engine as a precaution after being notified by the ATC officer while he was in the taxi. There was no warning light on in the cockpit. There was also no fire signal when the engine was turned off. Your technician has checked the aircraft and the aircraft can be operated again,” clear party Qantas.

However, for the sake of safety, 76 passengers on the flight were eventually transferred to the flight Qantas others.

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