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CCMHB Defeated by Créteil: Chartres’ Struggle Continues

After the setback conceded at home in front of Chambéry on November 17 (22-27), the C’Chartres MHB players did not manage to get their heads back up, against Créteil, this Friday evening. Very quickly behind in the score, they were never able to come back to the level of their Cristollian opponent. Defeat 40-35.

On alternating current, Nebojsa Stojinovic’s men did not succeed in their takeover operation, in Créteil, a week after their exit at Jean-Cochet in front of Chambéry (22-27).

Uninspired and weighed down by the injury exits of Matic Groselj (15′) and Sergey Kudinov (18′), the Chartrains suffered the attacks of Kylian Rigault (7/9) offering a defense that was far too passive. Yvan Vérin (4/6 in the first half) kept the CCMHB ship afloat for a while (5-5, 10-11), but it ended up collapsing with a scathing 5-0 (15- 11, 21′). Chartres ended the first act with a -3 (18-15). A lesser evil.

The CCMHB crashes into rough Chambéry residents

In the second half, things did not improve for the Chartrains despite their initial closeness (20-18, 33′). Lacking skills, they saw their hosts move away on the scoreboard (25-20, 38′).

Crippling gap?

Gaël Tribillon’s partners (7/10) had the merit of hanging on until the end, until they were only two goals behind at the start of the last ten minutes (32-30, 50′). A final push remained in vain since the Val-de-Marne team regained ground to finally win (40-35) and give themselves some air in the rankings. Quite the opposite of his opponent…

The Chartrains will host Saint-Raphaël, Friday December 1, in a catch-up session, on the occasion of the 12th day.

The reaction of Nebojsa Stojinovic, coach of C’Chartres MHB

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