Caught the ghost win of Sai Khok, demanding a fare of 1,600 baht for the Pattaya fireworks event, dividing the win with the local owner in half.

Caught and winning a ghost who demanded a fare of 1,600 baht at the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival. It was revealed that the local owner was the one who collected the money. Before dividing each person in half I accept this mistake.

From the case of a motorcycle taxi driver charging two people a fare of 1,600 baht, a distance of less than 3 kilometers, at the Pattaya International Fireworks Festival held on 24-25 November 2023, until It has become a trend of drama. Destroying the image and atmosphere of tourism until Mr. Pramet Ngampichet, Mayor of Pattaya City Came out to condemn such actions. along with coordinating with the police Pattaya City Police Station Please help track down this motorcycle taxi driver. to be punished according to law

Progress on November 28, 2023, Pol. Col. Thanaphong Phothi, Pattaya City Police Station chief. Police Lieutenant Colonel Thananon Athiphan, deputy superintendent of the Royal Thai Police, along with the investigative team, detained Mr. Duriya Khamnan or Fuse, 26 years old and the owner of the account. that receives money transfers from victims Came to investigate at the investigation room. Pattaya City Police Station After the police went to put pressure on houses in Bangkok. As well as negotiating with Mr. Duriya’s mother to help convince her son to give a statement to the police. Until the person agreed to contact the police. and ride a motorcycle from Bangkok Come to Pattaya city for the police to prosecute according to law

Mr. Duriya Khamnan or Fuse testified that he currently works as a motorcycle taxi driver through an application in the Bangkok area. On the day of the International Fireworks Festival, a group of friends from Bangkok invited each other to ride their cars to deliver customers to earn money. They came to ask to join a local motorcycle taxi driver near the gas station in South Pattaya. Until a customer came to call for service to go and deliver 2 vehicles to the fireworks display area, myself and P’Win, a local motorcycle owner, went to deliver customers as usual. until sending the customer to their destination

Phi Win, a local motorcycle taxi driver Discussed the fare with the victim. Before coming to tell myself that “I don’t have an account. Transfer to your sister’s account first. Let’s go share it together.” So he had the victim scan the QR code. Before there was 1,600 baht transferred into the account, when I first saw the amount I was shocked. Upon returning to Win I myself split 800 baht with P’Win, a local motorcycle taxi driver. Less than an hour later, I saw people sharing stories about the 1,600 baht fare along with money transfer slips. which is their own name in many Facebook worlds He saw that his posture was not good so he quickly rode a motorcycle and fled back to Bangkok. immediately that night

Mr. Duriya Khamnan or Fuse also testified that I am not the person who collects the fare. It is only the recipient of money transfers from passengers. So I don’t know how to apologize. And personally, I don’t think of charging this expensive fare. But he accepted his mistake this time.

Initially, the police recorded the interrogation. Take photos to make history before taking control of the person Department of Transport, Chonburi Province prosecute offenses Next Land Transport Act

While the Facebook page, direct line to the Mayor of Pattaya City posted a photo of Mr. Duriya Khamnan or Fuse taking a photo for a profile. along with the hashtag The heart shape says #?? Already arrested #ghost win causing brutal fares at international fireworks festival Damage the reputation of Pattaya City and tourism. Police, Pattaya City Police Station Prosecution according to law will continue. Thank you police Pattaya City Police Station is here.

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