Castres. A return to school under the sign of excellence at Anne-Veaute

A page turns, a page is written at the Lycée Anne Veaute in Castres …

Starting her career as a managerial staff at the Jean Jaurès college, Sylvie Tabaczynsky is back in Castres as headmaster.

Anne Veaute high school has a unique profile. Although a vocational school, it welcomes pupils, apprentices and students at the same time. A feature that makes it attractive and attracts various profiles. It is partly for this reason that Sylvie Tabaczynsky postulated: “After 15 years of exercise in college, I really wanted to work in vocational high school. I am sensitive to the orientation of the pupils, to the pupils in difficulty, to the struggle. against dropping out of school and high school Anne Veaute has many resources to help these young people, make them want to come to high school and succeed. I know that I can rely on existing and effective structures, such as the Lycée Nouvelle Chance 81, teams attentive to each other’s situations and the boarding school of excellence that we will all build together. I would also like to thank all the staff, agents, administrators, teachers, for their welcome and in particular for their commitment at all levels . The excellent results of the high school pupils, students and apprentices bear witness to this. The work of all allows us to return to school in serene and normal reception and teaching conditions “.

The Anne Veaute high school obtained the “boarding school of excellence” label last June. This label brings together all the conditions for academic success and the personal and cultural development of young people. Boarding schools of excellence can also respond to particular difficulties (social, economic, family, etc.) encountered by students who do not benefit from a favorable environment to succeed in their studies.

Anne Veaute’s boarding school of excellence will be open to all students in the workshops offered (pedagogical, educational, cultural and leisure) during extra-curricular time.

Many projects and challenges that Sylvie Tabaczynsky is ready to take up in order “not to leave anyone by the wayside”.


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