“We cannot rule out a stop to mobility between regions” – Libero Quotidiano

The news is avalanche, coronavirus emergency is back to beating hard: within a couple of days we found ourselves in full second wave. And now, what do we do? At the moment no lockdown and not even closure of the regions. But nothing can be ruled out. And the fact that nothing can be excluded confirms this Francesco Boccia, Minister for Regional Affairs and Autonomies: “Not excluding interventions in the event of increases in infections does not mean closing, but being ready for any intervention”. In short, a stop to mobility between regions is not excluded. “We avoid generating concerns. The absolute priority for the Government and for the Regions is defend work and school“, he added. And again:” Today the regional health networks work well for the joint work of daily strengthening done between the State and the Regions. In these days we will convene the control room with President Bonaccini to take stock of the proposals of the Regions as established yesterday in the State-Regions conference “, concluded the minister.


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