Caroline Nitter and Cristian Brennhovd live together after the breakup

In mid-January came the news that the relationship between Cristian Brennhovd (23) and Caroline Nitter (24) was over. The former confirmed the breach to Dagbladet and could say that they were “completely finished”.

– We had a great relationship and I’ve grown fond of Caroline, so it’s very sad. Now I’m single and I haven’t been for several years, so it’s going to be exciting. I really hate being one, he stated.

Despite the fact that the relationship is over, the couple have still lived together in recent weeks. Brennhovd first revealed it on Instagram.

TORN: After the breakup between Caroline Nitter and Cristian Brennhovd was a fact, many have wondered what happens to their shared source of income Onlyfans. Here they disagree. Reporter and video: Jenny Emilie Aas and Thea Hope / Rød Løper.
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– Going to move out

Nitter confirms to Dagbladet that she has lived in the apartment, but also says that she has been out traveling and visiting friends. She says the plan is to move out.

– Now I’m going to move out with a good friend. It will be nice to have a good friend around me.

Nitter also admits that the recent period has been dramatic and that she has needed a break.

– It was like a bomb. It was quite tiring. I try to think about myself, so I can talk about my side when I feel I’m ready for it. You don’t have to hand everything over on a golden platter at once.

DO NOT CHEAT: The weekend’s big talk from celebrity Norway is the breakup between Caroline Nitter and Cristian Brennhovd. We have met them, and this is what they themselves say about the breakup. Reporter and video: Jenny Emilie Aas and Thea Hope.
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– No point in being mean

Dagbladet chats with Brennhovd, who also confirms that Nitter still lives in his apartment. He is the one who owns it.

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– Yes, we live together. It’s worked well actually, it’s my apartment, and even if you do break up, there’s no point in being mean.

Also the earlier one The “71 degrees north celebrity” contestant have used the time after the break-up to travel. He says that he has been to both Marbella and a short trip to Stockholm.

– For me, the holiday has given me better perspectives, so it hasn’t been so bad. I haven’t been in love, because I’ve been doing things all the time, every day for two weeks, he says.

Although the couple share a home, they have probably not seen each other much in the last two weeks – precisely because both have been travelling.

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